Brief note on Terry’s arrival in Niimi

The Eagle has landed. The apartment is brilliant – fully furnished, Ikea-like design & it overlooks a beautiful river. Just unbelievable! Naomi-san, as always has been brilliant. We had lunch today at a great restaurant & then opened a bank account, bought a phone and processed all the paperwork at the Board of Ed. and City Hall.

Only problem – no wifi or Internet access at the apt. I’m writing this from a cafe that closes in about 5 minutes. Looking into Internet options for email & the blog. Naomi is “on it” so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ll get back to you again soon. Off to city hall tomorrow to meet the mayor & various dignitaries.

My best to SSCA members. Been busy from the moment I arrived (less than 24 hours ago – seems like far more), but will sort things out as soon as I have a free afternoon.


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